Monday, July 19, 2010

Biking- gears suck

Well, they don't really. But I have never used them. Yesterday, I *NEEDED* them.

It all started out with me wanting to spend the day letterboxing. There were a couple that were bike friendly (so I thought) and the plan was to go back there without bikes. I deemed yesterday, the day.

My husband tried to tell me how to switch gears- what a doozy of a time I had getting up even the littlest hill. He gave up, I got on his bike and did fine. He fixed mine, it was AWFUL!

After about 45 minutes of fighting with my bike I turned around, and he followed not so far behind. I was angry with myself-- I know in part it was because of how out of shape I am. But my study this evening will be on how to work gears. I saw some people doing it and there was no effort at all.

Next adventure: cracking the code of gears!!

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