Friday, August 16, 2013

Meet Earl, it's all his fault, right?

I kind of dropped of the face of the exercise world didn't I?  Well, meet Earl.  That funky little thing in the picture, cock your head to the left and it looks a little bit like a mouse?  That's Earl and the reason I was told "no."  Exercising for my city Weight Loss challenge made me find it.  I was also on crutches and basically told to do nothing more than walking.  It was a HARD blow.  I had done so well, and the weight slowly crept back on.  I am holding off on surgery as it's not "needed" right now.  Basically my Achilles is calcifying, which is pretty bizarre, to me.  I will need surgery, but am waiting since it's not a have to do it right now kind of thing. Instead it's a "wonder how fast it's growing" and be careful.  I've found that biking, slowly, doesn't cause much of a problem.  So I've been looking and found an old spin bike at a thrift store for $10, guess who bought it? Me!

The school year is fast approaching and I will be working myself slowly back into a routine to hopefully get myself back to where I was when I found Earl. 

I'm not sure if anyone is even out there anymore, I'm so ashamed, but I am dedicated and plan to figure something out (more diet than exercise probably) to get me back on track.

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