Sunday, April 28, 2013

MVWLC = Bad Mojo

Okay, so signing up for a weight loss challenge can't make you do horribly, but it has seemed that way for me.  Good grief, can I not catch a break.  I swear I have been in the doc office more since January when I signed up for MVWLC that that last 3 years total.  No lie!

Sadly, my weight is up, my officially weigh in on Friday said 272.8.  I almost cried, if I hadn't almost fallen while trying to get up on the scale.  (Ankle/foot issues, xrays and further treatment to be discussed Monday.  Was to be Friday, but the PA didn't do as promised and call me right back, instead, I was his last appt and he went home.)

Anyhow-- I'm promising myself no more soda, which I've gotten into big again in the last month.  I'm going back to SP, which I did this morning, and I will exercise as I can.  Making sure I don't hurt my foot even more.

The pictures I am showing are from my Wii Fit time.  I couldn't believe that I actually made my goal, holy cow.  And I know the age is just subjective to how well you play the 2 games they want you to do, but still.

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