Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taming HBP.

My BP is getting out of hand.  It actually was up high enough, when I couldn't get into my doc (we're playing with med's) they called back and told me to go to the ER.  I was so ticked, but understood, but still felt foolish.  Better safe than sorry, and all they did was give me another dose and had me increase it until I saw her later in the week.  I could have done that at home!

So anyhow, long story short, we're still playing, and I'm up one my one, and they added a second.  Then increased the dose to that.  Happy news is that my levels are amazing (122/66 has been my best.  130/74 is my new normal--excluding when I freak out over something) and my next appt (Wednesday) should have no increase of meds.  Bad news?  I HATE TAKING MEDS.  So, I did what I do-- I researched.  I found a book, and I like it.  I marked it up with post it's and plan on asking my doctor about it.  I've stopped taking my supplements since the med play, just because, but they are on a list to ask her about.  And I will see what she thinks, and also to see that if I can do the 8 weeks and possibly get out from the meds.

So I'm curious-- anyone out there have family history of HBP and been able to control it and get off med's??  If so- share info, books, etc?

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