Monday, April 16, 2012

Meeting the scale, again.

Ignore my toes- I planned on painting last night, and instead I fell asleep.  This morning my old friend made a reappearance.  I've not pictured it in awhile, so here we go.   259.2.  A gain, too close to a number I don't want to be again, and too far from a number I was so excited to see earlier this year.

Today I'll start my plan.  No soda, supplements, weight & cardio, and being better at being healthy.  My goal is to eat most of the time from something with no box around it.  Fresh, canned (fruits, hate canned veggies) and frozen.

I've got my nifty exercise journal I found on clearance at B&N, and I pinned a load of things to help out also.

I will not get in a habit of weighing every day again. I became too stressed and obsessed.  But I will weigh in, officially, twice a week.  Monday and Thursday.

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