Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bathing suit confessions (aka: horror stories)

Oh the HORROR.  This is what I looked like going to water aerobics.  I look like I am ready to deliver a baby.  Which would be good- except I AM NOT.  I wish I were, but I'm not.

And that extra skin below my chin.  Yeah, that need to go.

And the bat wings-- which I've never notice, but how could I miss?

Never fear, water aerobics was a good thing.  Enjoyed it, my arms ached, and my legs felt it.  I will go out in public again wearing this suit.  I was worried, as always, that I would be the biggest person.  And I was one of them.. but I was there.  Exercising. 

That's what counts!


Dani- danielleislosingit said...

You are a better woman than me. I would never have the guts to post a pic of me in my bathing suit on my blog. Oh I have them:) I'm just saving them for AFTER the transformation. Keep up the good work:) And that suit is cute!

Carolyn F said...

I'm proud of you Froggie! And I think you look better than you think. You can do this!