Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5:15am Spin Class...

"Life is like riding a bicycle -
in order to keep your balance,
you must keep moving."
 ~Albert Einstein

This quote got me this morning.  I'm still trying to feel my legs, they ache.  But I feel good.  I wasn't really going to go to a class so early in the morning.  But, with the dog escaping last night, and my not sleeping so well, I went ahead and hit the class.  I figured there wouldn't be too many people there. 

Boy was I wrong!!

The class was full.  I saw only a couple bikes empty, and I snagged a normal bike in a back corner.  I still kept up with them, I still did it all, but not on a spin bike.  *hanging head in shame*  There were at least 30 people in that class.  Did I mention the time?  5:15AM, pre-dawn, no sun, ice on the windshields... EARLY.

Nice thing though, no traffic, got in, got out and got showered before my son's alarm went off.  My husband was even still in bed when I let myself back into the house.  Hot breakfast made, lunches packed, and we had time to joke around before everyone left me home alone.

I think I'm going to stick to the 5am drill...  even after the kennel gets made like a prison.  Something about being ready to go so early-- makes me happy.

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Marla said...

There should be no hanging head in shame. 1. You got up for a 5 am spin class and 2. you were still able to keep up with them. That's better than I could do!