Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Biggest Loser, finale thoughts

I've been a fan of the Biggest Loser since the first time I saw it. I didn't have cable, or even a tv, when it first started. But, occasionally, I'd catch it at my moms. Once I was standing on 2 feet again, I watched. Religiously.

I'd cry.
Sometimes I've sit and eat while watching.
Most times I'd exercise.
Then I'd cry some more.

Tonight is no different.

Shay- holy COW! She looked awesome.
Abby, my favorite, looked stunning.

The stories, so many I could relate to... and it tugged at my heart every week. Then I saw how awesome they looked. Then I cried because *I* wanted to be them. I wanted months to work at myself, with the aid of gym memberships and a trainer.

I don't have that, maybe one day I will. However, what I need to learn is to be okay with NOT having it all. With having to budget, having to make smart choicer with cheaper things, how to make myself believe that I can do it on my own-- without the aid of Jillian (who I would take in a heartbeat.)

I'm gonna do it. My step and I have a date, my video's have been dusted off & my head in on board.

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